Five Recommendations by Qualified Tree Surgeon Mark Scoble

Do you need a tree surgeon? Normally, people hire the services of a tree surgeon when they want to trim or prune the trees according to latest techniques. It is believed that proper pruning and trimming is essential to allow trees to grow fast. On the other hand, these approaches also make the trees healthier and beautiful wherever they are. There is no need to take tension about the qualified tree surgeons. Centaur is looking forward to present best services in Oxford with the help of Qualified Tree Surgeon Mark Scoble. Here are some unique tips for the customers willing to receive the best services.

Choose best timing:
Timing is the most important factor in order to decide about trimming and pruning. Those who are interested to get the best results of these operations are suggested to consider the importance of right timing. Pruning and trimming done on right time would give your trees a new life and freedom to grow. Arborists always recommend these operations in the dormant season. This is a special period in which trees stop growing and maintain the internal energy in order to survive the unfavorable conditions. However, there is no need to wait for dormant season if your tree is infected by a pathogen or insect.

Branch size and removal:
There is a need to think about the branch size to be removed. As a matter of fact, a tree needs pruning if there are so many adventitious branches growing. In most of the cases, unnecessary branches are removed because these consume energy and don’t bear fruits. Carefully choose the branch size if you don’t want to damage the tree. It would be great to call our Qualified Tree Surgeon Mark Scoble to get the job done without any problem. We know which branch to cut and from where.

Cut sharply to avoid deterioration:
As a matter of fact, there are living cells and tissues in the branches of trees. It is necessary to cut the branches with the help of a sharp tool in order to avoid deterioration. Remember, branches cut in irregular shape will create problem in long run. It has been observed that irregular cuts allow the pathogens to create infections. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize our tree surgeons if you don’t want to see your tree dying.

Fertilization and irrigation:
Follow the recommended schedule for fertilization and irrigation. Trees can last longer without water but it takes lots of energy for it. Therefore, it is essential to put fertilizer after the completion of pruning and trimming operations. Irrigate the trees with fertilizer application. It will keep your trees healthy and protected from the infections.

Keep in touch with us:
Using services of Qualified Tree Surgeon Mark Scoble is a great opportunity for people in Oxford. You are suggested to maintain contact with us in order to get recommendations about tree care. We will continuously pay attention to ensure best results. This will give you a chance to maintain the health and growth rate of trees.