Did you know that humic acid has liquid minerals?

Liquid minerals contain essential minerals essential for health?

  • Vegetable organic fulvic-humic liquid mineral based mixture
  • Great to stimulate the immune system, detoxifying and alkalizing the body back to a healthy pH
  • Energize your cells, strengthen your immune system and reduce the chance of catching colds
  • Humic and fulvic minerals from an organic source of integral foods based.
  • Organic minerals from plants

Organic minerals

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What are humic and fulvic minerals?

Humic and fulvic minerals have liquid minerals that are crucial for the maintenance of health and strengthen our immune system. These important elements are old micronutrients derived from complex plants. They originated millions of years ago when the Earth was rich with the life of the plant. During this time, the soil rich in minerals from the earth produces a profusion of lush green forests and succulent fruits and vegetables, full of vital minerals that our body needs. Unfortunately, due to unsustainable agricultural practices, we no longer receive a sufficient amount of these nutrients that give life to our food. Therefore, supplementation is necessary to maintain the optimal amounts that the body requires for good health.

Ionic Fulvic Acid is a rich, concentrated fluid dietary supplement that gives 250 mg of fulvic corrosive per serving, in addition to more than 72 normally happening ionic follow minerals. Fulvic corrosive may help bolster and keep up sound capacities in the body, including the accompanying: absorption, pH adjust, vitality creation, hydration, cell trustworthiness, compound action, muscle continuance, and stamina.

Humic and fulvic minerals help in the regulation of key metabolic functions while strengthening our immune system at the cellular level. A strong immune system has a better chance of fighting against the pathogens that try to invade our cells and create the disease. Humic and fulvic minerals help carry nutrients in and waste products out of the cells, while also neutralizing toxins and invaders. They can rid the body of heavy metals, radiation, and other toxic pollutants.

These pH balances of liquid minerals prepare the body’s cells to receive other vital nutrients. In fact, humic and fulvic minerals are so powerful that a single molecule is capable of carrying sixty or more minerals and trace elements in cells. Improved nutrition can result in fewer food cravings and a healthy metabolism. Fulvician minerals are known as the “miracle molecule” for their healing properties, the ability to regenerate cells and restore lost youth and energy.

They are antioxidants and electrolytes that hydrate naturally powerful cells! While colloidal minerals are too large to pass easily through the cell membrane, humic and fulvic minerals are absorbed directly into contacting cells. The humic and Fulvician range of liquid minerals from our products is a concentrated and balanced form of more than 72 ionic minerals give life. It includes the 17 essential minerals that the human body needs to thrive, but it cannot manufacture by itself.

All liquid minerals are not created equal. Our humic and fulvic range of mineral products is of plant origin, while minerals from rocks, shells, and clay are not in the plant-based form that the body needs, and therefore is not as bioavailable. It is taken from, uncontaminated soil remotely; an area considered by scientists to be the best source of humic and fulvic minerals available! Humic and fulvic range of minerals from us is 100% safe and natural, and independent verification of being free of synthetic chemicals. It is cold water extracted, instead of using heat, acid or other hard synthetic chemicals to extract the minerals. This results in a pure and powerful product without flavor afterward!

Due to the natural mineral content of the product, together with our effective processing methods, the product is naturally preserved and does not lose power over time. This product contains non-genetically modified (GMO) organisms, toxic heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, or artificial flavors or preservatives; Gluten, corn, soy, peanuts, nuts, dairy products, eggs, yeast, caffeine, seafood, and sweeteners. Consider some of the many benefits of fulvic humic and mineral range from us:

Calcium: Well-known mineral essential for the creation of muscle critical mass, healthy hearts and strong bones.

Chloride: Works with electrolytes to maintain fluid balance, and produces balanced amounts of acid in the stomach.

Cobalt: Also known as vitamin B12; a decisive role in the production of blood cells, nerve support, and a host of other benefits.

Copper: Copper is a fundamental part of many enzymes that the body needs to function at full capacity.

Iron: Protein can build muscles, but iron makes protein work. Iron is one of the most essential of all minerals in the body.

Magnesium: Necessary for strong bones, healthy hearts, as well as chelating and elimination of toxins.

Manganese: It imparts energy, helps strengthen bones, and helps with the functioning of the reproductive and nervous systems.

Molybdenum: Required for many important processes in the body, such as the use of iron.

Nickel: An ultra-trace mineral and a B-co-factor of vitamins.

Phosphorus: Helps the body creates energy and vitality, and helps a wide range of other functions.

Potassium: Extremely important to keep the electrolyte count balanced.

Selenium: This mineral is the ultimate enabler of antioxidant enzymes in the human body.

Sodium: An important electrolyte that works for hand in hand with potassium.

Sulfur: A critical element to work synergistically with certain amino acids in the body.

Zinc: One of the most important minerals, it is well known for its immunological stimulation properties.