WordPress Backup and Restore for the Best Security

Even though the WordPress content management system is a great system, it still runs the risk of being attacked and its security compromised. Once this happens it can cause a great many problems to the company and network. As well as the damage it can do to your business, it can also leave you open to accusations of not taking security seriously. If there are concerns that your accounts system is compromised, people could not want to deal with you as much.

It could also lead to you losing data that will prevent you marketing effectively or keeping track of people who support you. To prevent such damage, it is vital that backups are in place, and with wordPress backup and restore systems, you can consider yourself covered. If you have this in place, you will soon be up and running after an incident and your business will not suffer too much. Understanding what is out there for you will help when it comes to setting up your system.

WordPress Back-Up – This will carry out the backup as a matter of course as soon as it is connected to the computer. The plug in will do all the work as long as it is set to automation. If you want to do it at additional times, then just apply another date to the schedule. The basic system is free but if you want to be even more secure then you can pay for additional extensions that are compatible. Dropbox and Windows Azure fall into the latter category, and you will notice the difference once they have been added.

Duplicator – As well as duplication, this will come in handy if you are looking at site migration. Everything that is important to you can be kept in the one package. This will include core files and plugins. As long as it is stored as a zip file, you will be able to use another service to host it or even put it into another website. If this is the system that you choose you may need some help as this is not for the inexperienced user. A bit of techie knowledge is required.

VaultPress – This is a form of security as well as being a backup plugin. Malware and viruses are rife and as a result, you will feel more secure when using this. With it being a business account it helps that it prevents you receiving a lot of SPAM and keeps you known as a reputable company. You will need to buy a license each month if you want to use this, and while casual users may not want to do this, it is important for the seasoned site owner. Check out the cost in advance.

Updraft Plus – This plug in is incredible easy to use and also one of the most versatile. With just the one click, you can instigate a backup, arrange restoration, shift content and then copy the entire site. Again, this is a plug in which is free, but if you want advanced features such as encryption, a premium license will need to be held. Before deciding what to use it will be a good idea to compare what each system has to offer. There is bound to be something in one of them that makes them stand out from the others.

Conclusion – WordPress backup and restore is an important part of looking after your site. There may be times when you feel you only need basic security, but to make sure you are always covered, you will be better off if you opt for a comprehensive one.…

Cheaper way of getting the work done

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